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Some of my company’s software products are moving, but our big-ticket software products are sucking wind. I’m not alone. I have a customer whose six-figure printing equipment line is not moving. And my cousin’s construction business is standing still. None of us are going out of business. And we’re still making money (I’ll explain how shortly). But because we sell products and services that are purchased by people who are making capital investments, we’re seeing a lot less demand right now. That’s because our customers, both big and small, don’t seem to be making many large investments. And like facing a 12-year-old throwing his first curveball, there are just too many scary things out there.

You can even have a custom message wall graphic like “Susan’s Room” in attractive handwritten font with wavy lines, or surrounded in a ribbon and a bow tie. If you own a cappuccino bar you may opt for a coffee bean design with the words Fresh Coffee.

words of inspiration for sobriety Self-reflection – A complete and individual personality, especially one that somebody recognizes as his or her own and with which there is a sense of ease.

words of inspiration for someone fighting addiction The Federal Open Market Committee, which is the group of Federal Reserve governors who determines the route of our nation’s economic policy, released their statements on Tuesday. The policy statement didn’t seem to offer any major surprise; they just reminded us that the economic recovery that we are taking will be a slow path. They announced a new plan where they will purchase Treasury debt in the open market. This action was intended to prevent the spread of fear in the marketplace.

Friends and family will come around if the compulsive gambler keeps their word from now on. Once the gambler tells you they stop gambling, they must stick to it. If not they will lose credibility. Trust is very important both for internet marketing the compulsive gambler and for the family and friends. People have to learn to trust compulsive gamblers all over again. In time they will if the compulsive gambler is willing to stop gambling.

Humility, like so many other concepts in recovery that at first seem like weaknesses, turns our to be one of our greatest strengths. By thinking about ourselves less, a truer identity emerges, a more peaceful and fulfilled sense of self that comes from being of service to and from helping others. While my ego may never give up the fight, I’m thankful I have this quote to remind me of the truth: I am always happier when I’m thinking about myself less – when I’m practicing true humility.

words of encouragement for sobriety An addiction can be the result of any number of things – an addict is not necessarily a bad person. Many people feel overwhelmed by the pressures and stresses of their lives and turn to drugs as a ‘get-away’. Many addicts are exposed to drugs when they are young, so it has always been a natural part of their lives. Having an addiction does not automatically make you a bad person, no matter what the cause was. You need to realize that there is something better – a life free of drugs. If you are unable to admit that you have an addiction, then there is very little chance that you will have the determination to make your life better.

Any hardware fixes that require opening the hard drive needs to be done in a dust free environment. If the person on the other end doesn’t say “yes” to this question without hesitation or tries to give you a reason why a clean room isn’t necessary, run! A small amount of dust can render your drive useless. Hard drives are vacuum sealed for a reason. Make sure that the person you’re dealing with has this basic necessity.