Pantyhose For You And Your Man

The information is there, let’s use our minds and reason. Let’s use some reason here. I will use the species of my area as an example. So do you nutjobs who believe in such a hateful ego-driven God believe that some newborn who was alive for five minutes then died right away, or a child from another part of the world who was raised by a family who never taught him about your Jesus or God will burn for eternity because he never established a personal relationship with Jesus? I would not allow my worst enemy to suffer such eternal torment and I am supposed to be like a dirty rag to God, yet God would allow this? However, does it makes sense that a God that is supposed to love you more than you know, more than any parent could possibly love you, even for one instance allow someone to suffer eternal torment. Are we to believe that when we die, God gives you a new body just so that you feel the pain of eternal torment. Surely, a god who does not demonstrate his existence to anyone in any tangible way would blame you for not believing or more importantly not being a Christian.

So naturally, I wouldn’t blame you if you thought that this is extreme. Just a thought but bottom line live right and find out for yourself what us Christians believe in and have so much faith in. Let’s not hold on to old ideas that simply no longer have a place in modern society. Hell is an ancient myth that was transformed over time into the modern myth we have today. There are many books by recognized scholars that trace the emergence of this idea of a hell from it’s infancy to the modern one. You bet on the right horse and you win, you bet on the wrong one and you lose, so better bet for little sister sex stories the one that makes the biggest threat or points the biggest gun to your head, at least you’ll be protected if you live a good and just life? Do you really believe that God only cares that you are Christian and not a good human being?

Please post some good scientific studies. Does this make sense to you? Never mind what your church or bible might say, I am asking you in your opinion, does this make sense. They create a false sense that the person they met online is their “savior” and the only person that could help. Imagine being a targeted teenager, abuse victim, or elderly person dealing with a bullying cop. The interesting thing about that is that research into that has been done before on both men and women on women feminists were outraged because they feared that the research could make women redundant but with men feminists did not react in any way. Which, as you pointed out, porn stars tend to have more curves and these are the women people watch for sexual arousal. Many Saudi women here are married off very young, there is no legal age of consent for marriage or rough sex gif in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Half of the replies that I read here were intelligent. Half of them were nonsensical claims by a bunch of scared sheep. He decides to experiment and see if the claims are true. And to comment on these stupid fucking claims that hell resides in the core of the Earth and you have audio proof of lost souls screaming for 14 seconds (like the spirit world communicated with sight, sound, smell, etc. you fucking stupid asses). Brethen, Heaven and Hell fire is real but i find it difficult to believe dat hell is under the earth. When it this idea was first conceived there was no fire and brimstone, it was just a place where some went for a short time. 2/3 or more of the world is not christian, that means of the 7 billion people that live on this earth, 66% or approximately 4.5 billion people will end up in a fire pit and tormented for eternity simply because they are not Christian? Simply state, Republicans are trying to embarrass me, and at least a few wing nuts will buy into it. They are not with us all of the time, perhaps, but they are definitely there at times when we least expect it.

If there is proof for these “soul particles” exist, where is the proof that they magically regenerate to be combusted over and over again? Magical “soul” particles? What evidence do you have for this? And what evidence do you have that a “soul” is flammable? The main problem with such man-made materials is that are designed by humans, for humans, they have no intrinsic place or function in the world’s natural ecosystems. People who are so desperate to justify their beliefs that they are willing to go to any means, even if it means outright lying, to try to justify their beliefs. You should try learning more about your own religion. There is hope for the rest of us but we do need input from those who know more and can help us along the way. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention plans to distribute more than $11.5 million to Indiana to boost coronavirus testing and surveillance, U.S.

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