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Well I can relate to everyones post above, I have been married to an addict for 7 yrs. My hushand is also an addict is drug of choice isbrocecets he shoots them but he goes through weird spells where he can be clean for a week at a time.then he will use for two weeks i dont understand it he needs help. I had to buy back my own stuff from his drug dealer cum in pussy comp a bad part of town, it was a nightmare all over again! Or his drug dealer will do god knows what when he finds out he does not have the money. DOES get better, & then finds someone else & the SHE, not me, will be the one to know him as the wonderful person he once was and can still be? If he truly wants to get lasting help for him self, I will applaud him!

I really believe that spell do work because my mummy was heal by a spell caster when i was still 15 years old i decided to contact DOCTOR GBOCO for help and he told me what i have to do and after two days i show my ex in my house begging me and ask me to come back to him it was just like a dream to me. 7 years ago. we had short periods of clean time here & there over the years, but nothing lasting. He spent 1300.00. I have been clean for 7 yrs and I am moving forward and I feelhe is holding me back. We have gone, and chaturbate private show done every possible cancelling without any success. Absolutely. I realize that it is possible to have happiness and peace without him. I have to say Hope, that the thrill of possibly getting caught was one of the biggest turn ons of my life. Would you really want to be with a man that you know for a fact lies to his life partner?

There is no way that this man has an ounce of respect for you. When he got out, I convinced myself that there was no way he would use again due to the fear of going back to jail for 15 years! What I didn’t know w though, that where there is an addict, there is a way. I did not trust him because he had cheated 12 time in 18yrs. Stupid me though, because I did believe he was getting help. Once you realize that your feeling the need to save someone and getting s payoff from it is unhealthy and will history you you need to put on the breaks and stop at once. If you truly love yourself you would not put up with these horrifying situations. Whether he was the villain or the love interest or the lovable nerd, he was always a Hot Dad, regardless of whether his character in any of these movies actually was a father to any children.

I was forced to have sex at swinger clubs or he would take things away from our children such as choir, or band, or the car. Pretty much the same point we already made up above, but worth remembering: touch doesn’t just have to be in the bedroom, a prelude to sex. These partners question if they are really right for each other, if they’re unable to keep sex alive between just the two of them. They ship right to your doorstep too. The situation is dire, but I have chosen to let him hit his rock bottom, instead of hurting me or himself or anyone else anymore. He left me and the kids, came back a month later in the midst of our divorce, and announced that he had hit rock bottom and needed us back. After a long process of him going from halfway house to friends house, and back to halfway house again, I finally moved away to a differant city, thinking I could leave him behind, but he followed me, got sober, got his own apartment and got a job!

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